Plaster and Tadelakt Finishes


There is nothing like the look and feel of real lime plaster.  Plaster brings a level of sophistication to an interior that no other finish can duplicate. 
Historically, plaster has been around for centuries.  It has been a based for Italian style "Grottesca" painting as shown in Pompeii.  It is a great material for warmer countries where it keeps cool.  It also is a natural, sustainable material and it breathes.  Lime plasters can be custom tinted but due to the lime, they will never reach very bold hues.  This is where the acrylic version comes in handy.
While the very polished version termed "Venetian Plaster" was a popular look, we tend to suede our plaster so that it is not so glass like.  With today's interiors and trends, this is the most sought after look.  It also helps with knicks in the surface as it is much easier to repair a sueded finish. 
Plasters also come in acrylic and metallic forms which we use often.  They are less expensive than the lime versions as their application is not as difficult.  
Nicola has been working with lime plasters since his internship working in Assisi and is considered one of the go to professionals in the United States.  
Let us advise you on the best plaster finish for your home and turn your interior into a sumptuous refuge!


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