Ceilings, Gold Leaf and Custom Stencil Design

There are few masters in the United States that can embellish a ceiling like Nicola Vigini.  Ceilings are where we show our creativity and knowledge of good design.  Whether a coffer, vaulted, tray or dome, we can design a ceiling that will draw gasps from your family and friends.  
As a client recently said, "I feel like we are investing in a piece of art".  Most clients repeat that "they can't believe that we have such talent and professionalism in San Antonio". 
So if you have a boring ceiling, we can design a one of a kind space to fit your budget whether
trompe l'oeil
gold, copper or silver leaf
break away sky and cloud
modello or stencil
or a reproduction of a classic
Feel like a king or queen and hire us to design and execute a Vigini original as an investment for your health and home!
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