Mural Art

Murals and Trompe l'Oeil by Nicola Vigini and his team are like buying and investing in expensive and appreciating art.  

As a classically trained artist in Rome, starting with his internship in Assisi, Nicola moved to Paris to study at the World renown IPEDEC, Institut de Peinture Décorative de Paris.  He is considered one of the great masters of modern time and his work is installed and valued throughout the United States.
When working with us to create a mural, we create a water color rendering after gathering all the information needed.  The rendering is then presented to focus on color and composition.  Murals take a lot of time and planning and are considered to be our most expensive service.  However, it is white glove service and every attention to detail is made.

Murals can be trompe l'oeil or "fool of the eye" wine cellars as traditionally painted.  They can be old masters with family members included (including pets) 

Murals can take after Gracie, Zuber and De Gournay wallpapers as those take about 8 months to personalize.  At that point, our work is considered much cheaper in the long run and also turn around time is much faster.  Details can be personalized.

We have had a lot of fun in the private airplane community creating dog fight murals for aviation enthusiasts.  There are so many themes to chose from and we certainly like to customize them to the client.

A majority of the time we paint murals in the studio on canvas and then have a professional wall paper hanger install if it is very large.  We also paint on site especially if it is over plaster.  

We are here to help you create your vision and give you direction so that your experience is pleasant and seamless. 

Follow this link to our You Tube page to see a series of murals and stencils created by Nicola Vigini.
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