Hand Painted Floors

Our process includes having a professional refinish or grate the floor and prep it accordingly.  Once the prep work is complete, we then begin the process using floor or chalk paints depending on what final look the client is going for.  Proper prep is essential to a lasting floor design.  Once our work is done, then a professional will return to seal the floor.  Floors generally need to be recoated every couple of years depending on the wear and tear.
Some of the work we have done has included woodgrain in marquetry or parquetry design, redondo tile stenciling (many designers like this because they can choose the tile colors and make a custom design), Missoni fabric, marble (as in the Cosmateshi style of repurposed, ancient Roman marbles), carpets and floorcloths as well as wedding runners.

We also have a line of redondo tile stencils in differing sizes that can used for your projects.  
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