DNS Settings

Website Services

Your Site has been built. Please update DNS settings through your current domain provider to make sure you point to Website Services. Instructions can be found in the link below:





Live Connections (Concierge Program)

Here is some additional information on the new program that you are enrolled in as a paid professional: https://info.houzz.com/liveconnections


Here is the number they will call from: 1-844-208-7421


If you have the time, please update the preferences in the live connections settings.



Manage Software

Here is a link showing more information about the software that is now included with your subscription: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yEtfBEVreg&feature=youtu.be



Houzz Pro+ Subscription Details

Also, you are now able to update settings for each of your Pro+ packages, including your minimum job cost, scope of services, and services provided.


This feature will allow you to further specify what projects you are willing to take on through the Project Match tool, as well as whether you will take on just design projects, just construction, and/or only design and construction bundled together. All of these selections help to target the jobs you really do want to take on.



Call Tracking and Direct Dial

Here is your Houzz number:  (210) 762-6101


Please save this in your phone as "Houzz Inquiry" so you can prioritize these inquiries as they come in.




Please try to call all inquiries that you receive in addition to replying via message.  I recommend trying to respond to the inquires as soon as possible so you can connect with these homeowners when the information they submitted is still fresh on their mind.



Not Interested Reasons

Please mark not interested on any inquiry that comes in if it is not a good fit for you and tell the system why you are not interested. 




In the case of solicitations, please mark all messages and/or calls as spam so that the system can learn from these numbers and filter out these from being an issue in the future.



More Photos

Please send me any new photos of finished work and I will add them to your profile. 



Next Call

I look forward to connecting with you again in April.


I hope you have a nice day and please let me know if you have any questions about anything before then!


Kind regards,