Hand Painted Wallpaper

What's happening in the Palazzo Pazzo today?

Actually, it's what's happening at our client's palazzo in Olmos Park.  Sometimes I pinch myself that I get to see such incredible beauty and museum quality pieces in homes that we work in and that clients love to share the provenance of their magnificent treasures.  Art-historians have a way of finding each other and feeding each others souls.

Working on a referral from Michael Landrum, our favorite architect out of Houston and my high school classmate (please check out his website-amazing!), we created a hand painted "wallpaper-like" mural for our client.  

The research is always the most fun-finding out what the client likes in terms of images and design.  The trumpet vine spoke to her as did small birds with a monochromatic background.  Trumpet vines are abundant around our studio.

Hummingbirds were then a must to fill in empty spaces.

Once we chose the birds, the tracing began.

Then the filling in.

The final look is so charming.