Farmhouse Chic

We just finished a marathon 3 days completing a checkerboard floor so that the contractor, Troy Jesse can get in on Monday and topcoat.  Deadlines are a challenge; this one we met head on.

Earlier in the summer, we received a call from West Hollywood interior designer, Elizabeth Dinkel and her assistant, Jonathon.  She had called Chateau Domingue in Houston asking for a decorative artist referral.  They referred us.  The amazing part is that the 3 year remodel was on the same street that we live on and where our studio is next door.  We all felt this was meant to be.

The original floor

had buckled with water damage and turned yellow but Lizzie wanted to keep the original look.  It's so fabulous!

Firstly however, we needed to match the newly installed columns to the wood stain on the walls and lime wash the fireplace.

After choosing Farrow and Ball's "Lime White", the contractor provided a sample of the stained floor where we made several samples finally choosing the 80% coverage, using FX Thinner as our glazing medium.  (we love that stuff)

Next we started the marking off of the floor. Once having decided where we would  begin, everything ran smoothly until we realized the blue chalk from the snap line just didn't show up well enough.  Finding white chalk for the snap line proved our biggest difficulty but found it at a store specializing in weights.

After snapping the lines and taping, we covered each wood square and tape to be painted with Dead Flat Varnish for assurance that there would be no seepage.  First coat of Lime White stippled in corners then brushed out for a crisp line.  On day 3, we painted the last coat, removed tape and marveled at the beauty of this floor.  


The contractor will topcoat this floor as is our practice of only creating the artistic finish.  Can't wait to see the final product!  We had a great time on this project and it was so refreshing to work with a California designer and an amazing client couple.  

On to white washed beams and a pattened gold leaf ceiling for San Antonio designer Audrey Curl next week.