Best Quality Daughter

Sometimes we take on projects that are completely out of our comfort zone.  This was one of them.  We always remind ourselves that each job is like a new science project.  We always love a challenge!

Working with graphic designer Jamie Stolarski who came up with the design, Nicola plotted out free hand the mural.  

Best Quality Daughter is an Asian inspired restaurant that is housed in a old cottage that was moved to the shopping and dining district.  We not only painted the mural but also worked on the signage in the front and back of the building.


During this process, the Pearl, for advertising purposes, created a time lapse video of us over the ensuing days.  It only took Nicola 3 days to complete the mural part of the project.


Exterior murals can personalize and draw attention to your building and business.  Instagram tagging with your signage in the background is the best method of advertising you can get.  


Stenciling was done on the inside: Floors and Vestibule

The patio is now open, landscaped and a fun place for selfies and group photos.  The food is amazing the owner learned her craft in Thailand and living in China where here grandparents are from.  Best Quality Daughter is truly original.