Custom Monograms

Painted luxury goods are all the rage!  We recently began collaborating with the national boutique JMcLaughlin to monogram with paint their wicker purses.  This got me thinking about all the images, stencils and designs we have that could be a fun way to personalize your leather and canvas goods.

From steamer trunks for camp or college, purses, name brand leather goods, reusable shopping bags, belts, hat bands, wallets so many items can be painted for your pleasure!  think college emblems, initials, mascots, company names, first and last names, your favorite city (Paris and the Eiffel tower maybe?) and of course your dog or cat!

I have so many fonts and summer and fall paint colors to chose from as well as glitter paint and neon colors.  

Fees vary for images however initials are $20 each for 2 and $25 each for three. 

Color options will be uploaded soon.  Metallic foils will be available Sept 1.

Contact me with any questions and looking forward to starting this new venture!